Monday, March 7, 2011

Teach me how to Mardi

Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, getting drunk while wearing bright colors? While I am not planning on giving anything up for Lent, I felt that I could partake in the pre-Lent festivities by attending a Mardi Gras pub-crawl in downtown Boston.
For a mere ten dollars I got a wrist band to go to all of the participating bars around Fanuil Hall, get drink deals, a couple free beads, and a free T-shirt! That, to me, sounds like a holiday.
Joey and I began our day with banana pancake stacks with layers of peanut butter between each one. My friends had outlined a strict schedule that had us arriving at the Fanuil early for the 2 pm registration, thus we needed a breakfast that meant business.
From 2pm until a blurry 7:00 we wandered from bar to bar with a crowd of people from my school. The first bar, Hennessy’s, was slightly stuffy. Why was the upstairs bar fashioned like a royal grandmother’s parlor? There was red carpeting and chandeliers. We ordered a drink and sipped slowly, examining the scene and checking out fellow crawlers.
Bacardi's take on Mardi bling. To say Joey was all over it is an understatement.
The next bar was Hong Kong, (hearing this I immediately assumed we were getting back on the T and going to my favorite dance spot in Harvard Square, but apparently there are Hong Kongs a plenty in this city.) My friend had instructed me that Hurricanes were the official drink of Mardi Gras, so we ordered them upon arriving at Hong Kong. 

Joey: “We’ll have two Hurricanes.”
Bartender: “…ya, we don’t have those, scorpion bowl?”
Joey: “Yes, sorry, did I say ‘hurricanes’, what I meant was bowl of unidentified liquor and juice.”
Me: “Perfect.”

So that’s when our Mardi-ing (see what I did there?!) really got going. McFadden's and Coogen's, were among the remaining stops. Five hours and nine loops around the Fanuil Hall area later, we dragged our carcasses onto the T and headed back to my house.

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