Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beers and Yo-Pros in Davis Square

As a college student in the Medford/Somerville area, Davis Square has been a fixture in my last three and a half years at school. My visits to the Square have differed over the years. Freshmen year, Davis provided me with one thing and one thing only; ice cream from JP Licks, by the ton. Sophomore year was the year of the coffee shop, Diesel Café with the hipsters. I would do some reading over fair-trade coffee and local pastries. Junior year brought Rolling Rock at Joshua Tree and the introduction of Boston Burger Co. (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.) Senior year has been the time when I drop my young, immature habits and commit to patronize establishments that reflect my great wisdom, age, and sophistication. (L.O.L.)
First on the list is The Foundry, a  new place with an interesting menu, creative cocktail list, and extensive draught selection. Their mission presents a desire to put integrity into all their consumables. While I have only been here for beverages, I have been pleased with the selection and the service.
Between Joey, his friend Josh, and I we tried a selection ranging from Allagash White, to Founder’s Red Rye, (I always forget how much I like red beers until one crops up on a menu and I get all excited.) The Pretty Things “Baby Tree” was strong and smooth, although darker than I normal like. I could probably only drink one of those. 

Make my brew man-sized, please.
 The server was attentive, possibly extra attentive because it was a Tuesday night and there weren’t too many people in the bar. After our first round we were surveying the extensive beer list and having trouble making up our minds. The server took initiative and brought over four samples of a variety of brews. One of the beers was a aged in a bourbon barrel and smelled exactly like the liquor, (note to self: never order this.) We may not have liked all her options, but the sampling was a great idea and certainly added to the experience.

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  1. I only drink beers if they are as tall as I am... I drank this one.