Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playing Outside: The Fells

            I had an excuse to go for a walk in the Fells forest reservation in Medford this past week. My friend Carrie was dog sitting and needed to take the pup Coco for some good exercise. I have been to the Fells several times before, but never at this time of year. The Fells is a hidden gem in this area of Massachusetts. It is a large protected reservation of forest with a reservoir in the middle. There are a few walking paths throughout the area. There are some gradual hills, but overall it is more of a walk than a hike. 

            Coco, Carrie, and I arrived at the South Border Rd. entrance and took the trail that veered to the right to loop around the reservoir. While we had both walked this trail a few times before, the place looked completely different covered in snow. I mistakenly left my house in sneakers that were guaranteed to be soaked by the end. 

            The walk around the reservoir path took us about an hour. We came back to the car refreshed. Carrie and I were both glad we didn’t use the dreary, cold-ish weather as an excuse to stay inside. 

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