Friday, March 11, 2011

Darwin's, Cambridge

If you want a sandwich, and you’re in Cambridge, and you want a Cambridge sandwich, then Darwin’s Ltd. is the place to go.  Darwin’s location on Mt. Auburn street doesn’t stand out from the road. It is tucked a few blocks behind Harvard Square, thus ensuring that no Harvard Square newbs or gawkers taint its premise.

I had the pleasure of going there for a leisurely lunch on a weekday. At about 12:30 we had no trouble getting a table after we got out sandwiches, but we weren’t alone either. The store itself is a hybrid, a mix between a coffee shop, upscale deli, and gourmet foods store. On one side you can order a sandwich or a meal to go and pick up some craft beers, and on the other side you can order a mocha and perfectly portioned tiramisu.

Thankfully I went in with my mind set on a sandwich, otherwise who knows what could have happened with all the distractions! I ordered The Longfellow, (all of the sandwiches are named for streets in Cambridge,) with ham, aged cheddar, sliced apple, Dijon, lettuce and tomato. They had numerous breads to choose from and I put my lil’ guy on olive. 

The sandwich itself was delicious, although slightly heavy on the ham element. I don’t particularly like it when I can’t bite all the way through a sandwich because it is too fat. Likewise, I like a good ratio of materials, which my Longfellow was lacking. Outside of the ham situation, the sandwich was tasty and sufficiently filled the hole in my stomach. The apple added a crunchy, sweet taste to the sandwich, and the bread was soft and salty from the olives.

I grabbed a chocolate, walnut, and cranberry cookie on my way out. Just to get a more thorough sampling of Darwin’s offerings, of course. 

148 Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA

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