Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cupcake Happy Hour

Massachusetts may have banned all traditional happy hour fun because they're lame and forgot how much better beer tastes when you're getting a discount. But where ever you have fun sucking laws, alternative people with creative ideas are not far behind. In this case, an alternative early evening event was created by Kickass Cupcakes for some alcohol related fun. Not quite two-for-one pints, but fantastic in its own right. Cocktail Cupcake Happy Hour happens every last Monday of the month at Kickass Cupcakes, where they give free cocktail inspired mini-cupcakes to any and all visitors from 5-7 pm.
Friend and three-year-roommate Geneva (meet her, know her, love her,) and I wanted, nay, needed, to go.
While I was thrilled by the concept of free cupcakes and creative flavors, I am not always a big fan of the alcohol-sweet combination. I was wary that I wouldn’t love them, not because of quality, but simply personal preference. If there is anyone who agrees with me on that, do not worry, these cupcakes were delectable and not the least bit harsh from the alcohol. 
There were three varieties offered, and each visitor was allowed one of each kind.
The first we tried was Ciao-a-Bunga, described as a “chocolate cupcake, sweet ricotta center spiked with grappa, chocolate liquor frosting garnished with cannoli chips and white chocolate.” This cupcake reminded me of a molten chocolate cake. The smooth center and rich frosting seemed to melt together. The liquor flavors were almost indistinguishable, they served primarily to enhance the chocolate flavor. This was a messy, rich, bite of heaven. 
Raspberry Jello Shot
Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!
The next flavor was Raspberry Jello Shot, a lemon cupcake with a raspberry vodka jello shot center and chambord whipped cream. The cake was the lightest of the three, the cake was airy and soft, but the lemon flavor was overtaken by the vodka center. The gelatin filling was too vodka-y for me, but I don’t like vodka, so maybe it was just right. 
Mojito, I like all drinks where something is muddled.
Last was the Mojito, a top-seller at Kickass Cupcakes. It is a vanilla cupcake soaked in Brugal Blanco Rum, with lime icing and mint. After tasting it I can see why it is a favorite. The rum adds a depth to the cake flavor, and the lime icing was smooth and rich, (I was pretty convinced that there was cream cheese in the lime frosting, which is never a bad thing.) 
J. Beibs playin' hard to get.
After sampling the mini-cocktails, we decided to share a cupcake from behind the counter, The Lucky, with lemon cake with white chocolate buttercream and candied ginger. It also (luckily) came with a Justin Beiber photo on top. I won’t say that wasn’t a factor in our decision…
The staff was friendly and enjoyed our interest in all of their flavor creations. They even wanted to take our picture with Justin Beiber our cupcake. I will definitely be coming back when I need a treat or a bevvie.
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. 

Davis Square
398 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA

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  1. That mojito cupcake looks AMAZING! And I think a cupcake happy hour is such a great idea! So sad I missed this place when I was in Boston last week. Great post!