Monday, March 14, 2011

Mr. Crepe, Davis Square

Crepes, (p.) k-reh-ps- noun. really, really, really thin pancake.
Mr. Crepe in Davis Square is always busy. Their tables by the windows always seem to be taken. Possibly because it is a crepe shop and espresso bar, and you know those Davis Square kind love them some lattes.
Joey and I went for dinner while I was taking a break from the library. After a 9 hour library marathon I needed one thing and one thing only, sugar. I got an image of myself as the Honeycomb creature (what is he?) who runs around yelling “ME WANT HONEYCOMB!”
Ya…it was kind of like that. 
Mr. Crepe has an extensive menu of both sweet and savory crepes. Joey went with a savory crepe with ham, egg, and cheese. So basically a breakfast sandwich, which is never a bad option.
I opted for a sweet one (uh duh) with strawberries, lemon, sugar, and whipped crème. The strawberries were sweet and delicious and confusing because where are they in season right now to be that good? The lemon, however, was the key to my heart. The way it tasted with the powedered sugar and the light crepe was divine. It reminded me of my favorite way to eat a Dutch baby. (Dare you to take that sentence out of context.) 

Mr. Crepe
51 Davis Square
Somerville, MA

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