Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All-Star Sandwich Bar, Cambridge

Hey now, you’re at All-Star, get your grub on, pastram-ayyyy!!

So maybe All-Star Sandwich Bar may not accept my idea for theme song, but they should. This place is truly serving up the all-star team of sandwiches. They have competed, they have been drafted, and now they shine. Joey and I went the other day to sample some of the characters that make up this elite line-up, and we were not let down. 

To start, we had an appetizer of fried cauliflower with cumin and a mint yogurt dipping sauce. These little buggers were incredible. I could have easily had a plate of these and walked out full and satisfied.
But I didn’t. 

I ordered the Monday special, The Rachel; turkey, Swiss, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on sourdough. It had the salty deliciousness of a Reuben, with a fresh crunch from the slaw. (The sandwiches comes with a side of killer coleslaw, so I was pretty pumped that I got to double up with some on my sandwich.) The turkey itself was moist and slightly sweet, none of that dry turkey business that makes you grab for the water. 

Joey had The Gobbler, with turkey, apple-sausage stuffing, orange-cranberry relish, and gravy on rustic white bread. His was slightly messy, but tasted like a delicious rectangle of Thanksgiving. Despite having some not-so-light materials, the sandwich itself wasn’t weighed down by excess gravy or too much stuffing.
After the meal we were full, but not too full for a free Oreo from the jar on the way out. I will definitely be returning to this Inman Square gem, with Smashmouth on my ipod and sandwiches on my brain.

1245 Cambridge St.
Cambridge, MA

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