Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Product Review: Me & Goji

There is very little that I accomplish before having breakfast. Unless giving dirty looks, expressing extreme discomfort, or being a snarky bitch count as accomplishments, then I haven’t done anything worthwhile in my 22 years of life in the pre-breakfast period of my day. Cereal is one of my favorite breakfasts, thus when I read about a company making healthy, delicious, personalized boxes of cereal I knew it was something I had to explore. Fortunately, Joey, is also a lover of all things breakfast-grain. So we sat down, did some serious research on the Me and Goji website, and then crafted our cereal with care and precision.
The online ordering process takes several steps. It allows you to pick a base for your cereal, with every type of grain flake and granola combination possible. The next steps allow you to add nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and extras such as wheat germ and cocoa nibs. The last step allows you to name your cereal and upload a picture to be printed on the box.
A neat feature allows you to see how the nutrition information of your various ingredients changes as you make additions.
Our cereal concoction, titled ‘FUEL!!!’, was artisanal flakes, with pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries, granola, and barley.  

 After a near tragedy when the package was almost delivered to the wrong address, I finally received the long anticipated FUEL!!! Joey and I are both firmly planted in the mixing>not mixing cereal camp, but for our unique creation we opted for a bowl of it on its own. It was hearty and I could almost taste the health benefits. The pumpkin seeds were a surprising flavor in the mix, but the blueberries were small and flavorless. We both savored our bowls, and after a moderately sized serving felt full and fueled up. 

Verdict: I enjoyed spicing up my morning routine with a new cereal combo from Me & Goji, but since I don’t like spending three times more than normal on basic grocery items, this product probably won’t be a repeat purchase.

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