Monday, March 28, 2011

Egg du Jour!

 What do you do with a sad, empty refrigerator? You throw everything in a pan and hope it works out. In my case the only things I had were eggs and cottage cheese. I was leaving for the weekend and wanted to use up what I had. So I created a scrambled egg dish that used cottage cheese instead of milk. The result was unexpected and delicious, even better, I might add, than regular scrambled eggs.
The cottage cheese was barely recognizable in the finished product, but the curds somehow created a mousse-like texture when mixed with the eggs. They were creamy and soft yet not under-cooked. I plopped these on a plate next to my steamy coffee in a moose mug and was off to the races. Try this out for a breakfast packed with protein that tastes like decadent brunch special.

Mousse Eggs (ha.)
2 eggs
¼ cup cottage cheese (I used 1% milk fat.)
splash of water
sprinkle of grated sharp cheddar for topping
salt & pepper

Beat eggs and water. Add cottage cheese and mix. Pour in hot pan. Scramble lightly with spatula for 3-4 minutes. Empty on plate, top with cheese, salt and pepper.

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