Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing Outside: Marathon Monday

This year I experienced my second Marathon Monday. Last year was spent party hopping at BU and running up and down Comm Ave with a Dunkin' Donuts cup full of punch. Once in a while I would look over and realize that there was a grueling test of endurance going on. Then back to my punch.
This year was different. My friends who live in Allston invited a bunch of us out to watch the runners in their neighborhood. We were at the perfect spot on Beacon Street. There were lots of people around cheering and being festive, but not enough that the crowds were overwhelming. We were able to stand right up next to the runners and cheer them on by name.
While we may not have been running, we worked pretty hard out there. My friend Bailey made it her personal goal that if she saw any one walking, to yell, dance, fist pump and cheer them on until they started jogging again. 
The weather was perfect. The company was awesome. My voice was hoarse from yelling. And I had such a good time that even with the 2.5 hours we spent on the T the day was completely worth it.


  1. This was my first year watching the marathon -- it's really amazing how many people participate.

  2. good job bailey!!