Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grilled Cheese Boy, Boston

 When I saw a grilled cheese shop in South Station I knew I wanted something to do with it. Although I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the name.
Is it “boy, it’s a grilled cheese!” Or
“Get me a grilled cheese, boy.” Or
“F$*k being a real boy, I want to be a grilled cheese boy.” –Pinocchio.
Regardless of what inspired the title, I think it’s a grand idea. I was on my way to New York and thought it was the perfect place to grab lunch before sitting on a bus for four hours. Besides, I learned from my last jaunt on the Bolt that the buses stop at the jankiest of food locations. Roy Rogers? What even is that? 
 So grilled cheese it was. Grilled Cheese Boy breaks it down real simple like. Pick your bread, pick your cheese, pick your toppings. The breadth of choices wasn’t huge, which I consider a good thing sometimes because it generally means that the ingredients that they have are fresh and of quality. This was definitely the case. I ordered a sandwich with cheddar and onions on Italian bread. The service was pleasant and the sandwich came in a cute little box. (Bonus points for Grilled Cheese Boy for dominating the Cute and Little category.) 
 The service was pleasant and the sandwich was ready promptly. The price was definitely reasonable, my sandwich was just over four dollars. The bread was crispy on the outside but I didn’t feel that it had been doused in butter. The cheddar was sharp and tangy, it didn’t need to be piled on to get all of cheesy flavor. The red onions were slightly softened from the hot sandwich, but they weren’t separated enough, so sometimes I ended up pulling several out with one bite. And then there were onions falling down my face and no onions in my sandwich, which led to the awkward, “do I or do I not put this fallen material back into my sandwich?” I looked left, looked right, realized I was in South Station and knew no one anyways, and stuffed them back in.
Grilled Cheese Boy is a fine stop for a meal or a snack. I enjoyed my lunch and found it to be savory and cheesy without the massive brick-in-your-stomach feeling. I would not, however, go out of my way to go there. 

South Station Train Course
Boston, MA

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  1. boy oh Big Boy. in the voice of course. im guessing youre hearing it exactly how i want it to be heard. glad you didn't subject yourself to roy rogers or big boy -esque food. why does bolt bus have to make you realize how cheap youre being by taking a bolt bus by making you stop at those ridic places... they should rethink that