Thursday, April 21, 2011

Foundry on Elm, Somerville

Wednesday evening Davis Square was taken by storm by mah ladiezzz!
Ok, not quite. Mostly Bailey, Sarah, Carrie and I met with some local friends one of whom was just returning from a stay in South America. We met for drinks at Foundry on Elm, which was quite full for a Wednesday evening. They wouldn’t allow us a table because we weren’t ordering dinner, so we waited for some people to leave at the long bar in the center and grabbed some spots. 
 The beer list in extensive and we loved choosing different beers by their goofy names. Sarah tried to order a Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbit, but they were all out. Apparently this bunny themed brew is all the rage this time of year. She settled on an equally hilarious, “Arrogant Bastard”.
I ordered a German wheat beer with a name ending in “Weissbier”. It was a “cloudy pour with hints of banana and cloves.” And I do have to toot my own horn and say that I am an expert order-er, because on the second round everyone wanted what I had. 
My second choice, a red ale
Another round of wines and beers and we were off to the races. We talked about engagements and bosses and the older girls of the bunch gave us some hints on what we can look forward to in our post-graduation 20s.
I was thankful for their encouraging words, sometimes it seems like little more than a cloudy pour. 

255 Elm Street
Somerville, MA


  1. Foundry is one of my new favorite places! Love all your beer choices. Hmm... maybe I will make my husband go there with me tonight :)

  2. I love moments like this where you can catch up with friends and just enjoy the atmosphere. I've tried arrogant bastard before too! (Too "arrogant" for me though.) And I've also tried a beer that seriously tastes like banana bread, and I can only imagine how great your beer tasted! Yum!