Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dave's Fresh Pasta, Somerville

Finding the best thing to put between two slices of bread is a quest that I feel compelled to take on. Joey and I made the attempt at it this weekend at Dave's Fresh Pasta just outside of Davis Square. Dave is selling much, much more than fresh pasta. Out of my many trips to Dave's there have been some consistencies that are characteristic of this neighborhood institution.
1. The people making the sandwiches, slicing the deli meats, or rolling the pasta will always look so much cooler than you.
2. You will spend as much on a sandwich as people spend on steak at Applebee's. (But then you will realize the sandwich is delicious and large enough to last you two meals and all will be well.)
3. You will smell like a sandwich for the rest of the day.
4. You will see many reasons to come back.

If those reasons aren't enough to make you give Dave's a shot, check out these pics of some sandwiches enjoyed by Joey and I on Saturday.
I had the smoky spicy turkey on whole wheat: cracked pepper turkey, smoked mozzarella, dill pickle, chipotle aioli, and smoked tomato mayo.
Joey had the roasted chicken salad, with lettuce, pickles, but no tomatoes, (lame.)

Dave's Fresh Pasta
81 Holland Street
(just outside Davis Square)

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  1. Hi Audrey. Thanks for the comment on my page. These sandwiches look amazing. Can't wait to read up on your blogs. :)