Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Italy; a little bit too far to walk in a rainstorm.

Dear New York City, 

Please stop complaining about the crazy weather, thunderstorms, and earthquakes. It's only going to get worse from here. 

       Global Warming

My New York friends and I celebrated the birthday of one of my roommates last weekend. She may have been slightly injured going into the birthday festivities, but she powered through. Anyone who lets pain and health concerns get in the way of fun does shame to birthdays everywhere.

My roommates and I spent Saturday tanning at our urban beach, (a.k.a. the unfinished rooftop out the emergency exit of our apartment building. At least the aluminum coating is good for attracting rays.)
A party was had, drinks were poured, and a town was painted red. I need not say more.

Sunday was sunny and humid and all day the sky was just threatening to pour a God-sized bucket of water down on everyone below.
The bucket of water began 'a flowin' right when we were going to go to dinner in Little Italy. The birthday girl is a lover of all things Italian, having spent some time living there. So miss out on a dinner with her at a place that she deemed worthy? Absolutely not. Our small but enthusiastic crew headed to Little Italy with umbrellas that proved to be just not enough protection.

But then we got to the restuarant and the bread was like pillows.
And the wine warmed my cold, wet soul.
And the gnocci made me feel comforted even though the wait staff put us awkwardly in the corner of the upstairs with no windows.
And the free Italian doughnuts at the end of the meal made me full.

Birthday girl enjoyed her carbonara.
And we all dug the conversation.
And no one dug walking back to our apartment in the rain.

Verdict: I loved the night out with friends and trying out a new neighborhood close-by. But my bowl of pasta was nothing monumental. The portions were serious and I was glad I shared to save money and not be overwhelmed by pasta.  The ambiance seemed a little forced and something likely to attract a tourist crowd. I may not head back, but if you're in the area and a host lures you in with promises of homestyle Italian favorites, your night will be no worse for the wear.

Da Nico Ristorante
164 Mulberry St. 


  1. Ohh that gnocchi looks SO good. It's not even 10 a.m. and it's all I want in my life right now. That restaurant sounds fantastic!

  2. I have to say, NYC is completely unpleasant when it rains. But having good food at the end of your trek totally makes it worth it!

  3. That plate of pillowy gnocchi is making me verrrryyy hungry! Yum!