Monday, August 8, 2011

Chapter Two of my blogging life: New York City

*Sometimes bloggers need to take a week off.

Moving in to the fourth floor without an elevator, in the 90 degree heat, and with the faint smell of raw fish in the background is not anyone’s idea of a good time. But I am moved into my first post-college apartment (!!!!!) and I could not be happier. I spent the day wandering into 99 cent stores in China town and buying hand soap and paper towels. I wasn’t mentally with it enough to make any larger purchasing decisions than simple bathroom products.
I spent my day unpacking in my wonderful apartment that has the small downfall of being a sauna at the current moment. AC unit, I’m coming for you with a vengeance. I took breaks to walk around and get some air and soak in my new surroundings.

Here is my station at Starbucks, shamelessly buying the least expensive things in order to use their wireless for as long as I please. “How much would it cost for a mini-tall latte and a midget son of a cake pop?”

Red Mango down the street, to that I say yes and yes. Free wireless on most blocks, sign me up. How long can we go without setting up our wireless internet? My life is now a game about saving money. If I win, then I get to keep living in New York, The Big Apple, The City. If I lose I am broke and have to call my parents crying and move home. The stakes are high. It is unclear how I will fare in this fight. On the one hand I have a history of frugality, while abroad in London I sometimes washed underwear in the shower in order to save money on laundry. (Each load was 10 euro.) But on the other hand, I am a lover of delicious beers, fine cheeses, and new accessories.
Stay tuned to see how I survive.


  1. Don't forget the gnomes.

  2. So jealous. I just took a trip to New York and I'm dying to go back. Hope you can find a way to make it all work so you can stay!

  3. I can't wait to hear how your living in NY goes!!! Such an exciting step in your life.