Friday, August 12, 2011

Living in Limbo

I love walking around my neighborhood. It is beautiful and changes by the block. I can get lost and love finding my way home. So far in the battle of Audrey versus the budget, Audrey is losing. I guess I get to throw a lot of my expenditures under the blanket of “start up costs,” but still. Does frozen yogurt count as a start up cost?
Here are some stupid things that have been taking up too much of my time:
- getting stalked by the owner of a gym that I casually considered joining. Now that he has my number I am getting more calls from him than from my own boyfriend.
- finding an air conditioner. Three hours, five stores, and 2 buckets of sweat later I have a unit, but Jesus.
- trying to steal wireless from my neighbors.

I have training for my job that includes a lot of “self-directed work time.” This may make me sound like a worthless lump, but that is a tough bill. Sorry if this is just me, but I would kind of prefer to have 25 kids sitting in front of me screaming “TEACH ME!” It is August and it is HOT. I need some motivation to get me working. And all these “hypotheticals” are seeming just a little too…hypothetical.

Plus I am just so busy. I have no time to plan a science curriculum, I am much too busy eating dumplings and staring at my boxes of crap, willing them to unpack themselves. 


  1. Wonderful! Getting motivated is tough when there is just so darn much to see and do! RENT is starting up again.....a must-see!

  2. oooooo baby does this look like a good time or what?