Monday, May 2, 2011

Quest for the perfect breakfast sandwich: True Grounds, Somerville

First of all, the café itself: True Grounds is what I like to think of as the “new face of Somerville”, the trendy coffee shops and laid back atmospheres that invite you to stay awhile, (but make you pay for refills so you don’t stay too long.) This past Sunday was a beautiful day and the door was wide open and people were lingering at the outdoor tables.
True Grounds is also a great option for weekends because the Somerville brunch scene can be kind of chaotic. If you’re not in the mood to stand in line for 30 minutes across the street at Soundbites or Ball Square Café, True Grounds is a great move.
 Now on to the sandwiches, Joey and I both knew we were ordering breakfast sandwiches before we even looked at the menu. So while the breakfast burrito offerings and bakery items could have been tempting, we were on a mission.
I ordered the scrambled egg ‘n’ cheese with spinach on a plain bagel and Joey got the scrambled egg ‘n’ cheese with bacon on a poppy bagel.
My immediate impression is that the bagel was fresh and of high quality. The outside was crunchy and the inside soft. The scrambled eggs were nice and fluffy yet managed to stay on the bagel for the most part. I threw a few chunks onto my shirt, but that can hardly be blamed on the sandwich. The cheese could have been more thoroughly melted. The spinach was a great addition, but I they could have mixed it into the eggs somehow. The spinach layer was quite thick, and just so…spinachy. I nonetheless enjoyed my sandwich greatly, the bagel was a great delivery system and the ingredients were quality.
Joey enjoyed his sandwich as well, he had a similar feeling about the bagel, two thumbs up.
I can almost feel my muscles getting bigger just looking at it.
Verdict: Reasonable prices, nice atmosphere, quality ingredients, breadth of offerings. I would definitely go back. (And maybe ask them to heat my sandwich for a tad longer.)   

717 Broadway- Ball Square


  1. You've really got me craving a breakfast sandwich now...a perfectly reasonable excuse to hop on a train to Boston, don't you think?

  2. Those sandwiches look great. I love coffee shops

  3. I need to check this place out. I love breakfast sandwiches. I've actually never been to Soundbites either... but I hear about it often. Good to know I have options if I head to that area!

  4. Great review. And those bagels look mighty tasty (even if they are a little overly-spinachy.) Thanks for sharing and for swinging by Deep Dish :)

  5. I think anything tastes good on a bagel! I actually like to get cream cheese with egg whites- weird, but so good.

  6. Looks tasty and healthy! I love a good bfast sandwich :)

  7. Sounds like a good sandwiches. I love bagels and your description made my mouth water.

  8. Mmmm looks so yummy! I haven't done bagels for breakfast in forever