Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bur-running in Somerville

 Every Monday at 6:45 the Somerville Road Runners has an event at the Burren in Davis Square. The event is a casual 5k fun-run that starts and ends and the Burren. The bar provides a back room for storage for bags and sweats and free food and water for all participants after the run.
How did I now know about this until now? My friend Sarah suggested that we try it out, and the first night that it worked out happened to be our last day of college classes, FOREVER. Sarah, Carrie, Kelly and I walked into the Burren with the intention to exercise. We may be familiar with the 90s cover band that plays at the Burren on Thursday nights, but never have we ever been there so early with the intention of burning calories doing something other than dancing.
Yes we are graduating, and yes we chose to celebrate the end of lectures and blue books with a 5k followed by Guiness beef stew and beers.
From top to bottom I would say it was a great choice.
The bar full of thirsty runners!
The running group was welcoming to all new participants and the atmosphere was fun and casual. It was a perfect night for taking a loop around the neighborhood. Running with a group helped motivate us to keep on keepin' on, but the four of us ran at a nice pace that allowed us to talk and not sound like we were drowning.
Afterwards we grabbed our sweats and headed immediately to the bar. Beers tasted great while we were sweaty and tired. The Burren had hot-pots full of veggie pasta and beer braised stew that provided just the post work-out salt kick that I needed.
 I liked the Bur-run so much that I returned the next week with Bailey. Another beautiful spring night for jogging. This time we didn't linger long because the Celtics were on and we wanted to make it home by half-time.
I whole-heartedly recommend the Somerville Road Runners event for any level of runner who wants to try running with a group. Bring a friend or go solo and you will have a great time.

The Burren
247 Elm Street
Davis Square

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  1. I found out about this running group just as I was about to leave Boston so I never got to join in but it sounds like so much fun!