Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 6+7: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas

 The phrase "hitting the open road" may conjure images of a convertible packed with leather trunks, smiling faces, and glowing Marlboro Reds cruising down Route 66 towards California and freedom. My Volvo was somewhat less glamorous: five hundred bugs plastered to the grill, four Red Bulls, three stops for fast food, two tired drivers, and one interstate going west.
 Some highlights of the two days that it took us to travel from Memphis to Santa Fe, (a casual distance of one thousand miles,) were the stops at Sonic Drive-in, a stroll around Oklahoma City, some fried okra, tornado-free skies, and the fact that Joey and I didn't kill each other.


  1. Haha well I'm glad you didn't kill each other! I'd say that's a testament to the strength of your relationship :P

  2. I really would like to know why some people tend to believe that all scene/emo people are posers. Seriously. Can someone please explain their oh so genius thoughts on the subject?